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:Frequently Asked Questions About Kickboxing ::

If you have any further questions regarding the art of Kickboxing which you would like to see posted here, please Contact us. 


Q. Is Kickboxing dangerous?

​A. Not at all. All beginner classes are strictly no contact, progressing to controlled sparring with no head contact as you gain more experience. Sparring is closely supervised with full protection gear including head guards with all  relevant safety equipment  provided.


Q. How long does it take to become proficient at it?


A  An introduction courses which cover all the basic technique and training practices. From there you progress through a belt-based grading structure which can represent a lifetime of study.



Q. Do I have to be fit and healthy to be able to learn? 


A. No problem. As long as you are physically healthy and willing to try you will be fine. A. Although fitness isn’t a major requirement to begin with, you will find that your general health and fitness will increase steadily though long term training.

​You will get fit through regular training. As long as you don’t suffer from a medical condition that prevents you from exercising, you may start at anytime.

Q. Am I too old for it, Is it just for the young?

A. No one is to old you will work out your own pace . The sport exercises unused joints, improves flexibility and builds up general fitness.


Q. How long does it take to get to black belt level?

A. Depending on your dedication in the class and at home, you may reach black sash level within five years. However, the black sash is really only a level of competence where you really begin to learn the art of Kickboxing.

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