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Temple Gym Martial Arts offers a wide training within our programs for Adults, 

Our programs are divided by level ranging from, 16 years and above.

This allows us to better focus classes training activities to the individual student's level of development.

All of our martial arts programs are self-paced allowing students to train and learn at their own speed.

Going at their own rate allows students to better develop confidence in their abilities.

Each student joins us for a different reason. Reasons include:

to gain self-confidence and self-discipline, learn self-defence, improve fitness, develop concentration,

coordination and core strength, have a sense of community and belonging. With all this in mind,

we focus on individual students' needs and goals.

No matter what age range or skill level, every student will find an enjoyable,

a friendly and relaxed environment where they can learn martial arts skills and values while at the same time having fun!

Key Benefits of Temple Gym Martial Arts



Practical & effective self-defence

Build confidence
Make new friends

Suitable for male & female
Adults & Children classes

You do not have to be fit to join
Tackles obesity
Great cardiovascular workout
Burn over 800 calories per hour
Specialized classes
Beginners classes

Learn  Commitment

One to One Private Lessons  


The Temple gyms main aim is to teach students how to defend themselves against any situation that may arise. We have students who come to class for other reasons, for example, to get fit, lose weight and develop their confidence and self-esteem. When you begin your training as a Martial Artist you have a responsibility to yourself and others who may need help. There is no room in the Club for bullies. All Students should know the Rules of Temple Gym and the tenets in order to train their minds and their bodies together so that they may achieve their full potential in the Martial Arts. 


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The Temple Gym is affiliated to  




Martial Arts & Fitness Coach UK
9 Old Lakenham Hall Drive
Old Lakenham
Norwich NR1 2NW

Tel: 01603 - 665159



 Temple Gym instructors are

                                    fully qualified &  insured.


                                              DBS CHECKED


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