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::Frequently Asked Questions About Wing Chun ::

If you have any further questions regarding the art of Wing Chun which you would like to see posted here, please Contact us. 

Q. Is Wing Chun effective for self-defence?

​A. Yes, Wing Chun is well known for its efficient approach to close range combat, and has been tried and tested over the last few decades. We teach a modern, scientific system that can work in all different self-defence situations, from grappling to weapons attacks.



Q. Is Wing Chun easy to learn?


A. Yes, Wing Chun is a readily accessible, logical martial art taught in a systematic manner. However, like all martial arts, it can be lifelong study with endless learning.


Q. How long does it take to get to black belt level?


A. Depending on your dedication in the class and at home, you may reach black sash level within five years. However, the black sash is really only a level of competence where you really begin to learn the art of Wing Chun.


Q. Do I have to be fit and healthy to be able to learn Wing Chun?

A. Although fitness isn’t a major requirement to begin with, you will find that your general health and fitness will increase steadily though long term training. Wing Chun is suitable for people of all shapes and sizes, and we don’t restrict entry on criteria of flexibility etc.


Q. Can children do Wing Chun?

A. It is rare to see many children in Wing Chun classes. However, depending on their physical and psychological maturity, some children may be able to learn Wing Chun. We have a flexible entry requirement of 11 years of age.


Q. Is Wing Chun just for the young?

​A. No, not all. Wing Chun can be trained until a very old age due to its economy of motion. In fact, many of the most respected practitioners are now in their seventies and eighties, and still draw large crowds in seminars.


Q. Is Wing Chun suitable for women?

 A. Yes, Wing Chun a highly suitable for women due to its speed, directness and close range combat techniques. It doesn’t require a large or strong physique, and its principles can overcome such an opponent in a self-defence situation.


Q. Can I practice Wing Chun along with another style of martial arts?

A. Yes, we totally support cross training. Temple Gym offers a range of martial arts for its students, and you are welcome to attend the different classes to get a feel of which style is best for you.

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